Let’s enjoy sports in Madrid But first, what are sports? His origins

Sports are physical activities, including rules and competition used for entertainment. In history, sports used to be animal hunting and fighting etc.
In ancient Rome, gladiators fought in coliseums providing entertainment for the audience.

That, however, was not a very beautiful sport. Life and death situations seem less fun and more disturbing to the mind, right? Then came a new era of gaming where there was competition with a reward instead of just a life spared.

That intrigued more and more people to participate in sports. As the number of people increased, the formation of the team began. These teams would compete against each other and aim to win a trophy or some other reward.

Today, each country has its own national sports. Some of them excel in the experience of a sport more than others. These sports are one reason why countries have a massive exchange of citizens. Many of the famous sports include cricket, football, soccer, badminton, tennis etc.

In all these countries, it is a country that stands out. You have it! The home of bullfighting and perennial tradition and culture, Spain!

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When it comes to sports, Spain is on the list without a doubt. It has hosted many, many sports and tournaments since ancient times. This country has a lot to offer in these physical activities. So what do they say we take a look?

Spain has many sports played at the local level, and has also been a champion of many of the matches at the international level. It could be said that the Spanish are really competitive people. Some of such sports are:


When it comes to sports in Spain, you are definitely talking about soccer. If not, you are missing more than half of the whole story. Soccer is not just the country’s national game. People really take pride in this game, and this game alone dominates all other sports in Spain.

Many other sports in the country include basketball, skiing, formula one, tennis, handball, golf and, of course, the world famous bullfighting.


The entire spotlight in the sports section in Spain is occupied by Football. The capital of Spain, Madrid has a history of nurturing many legendary players and teams in soccer.

Madrid hosted the 1982 FIFA World Cup. Madrid has the honor of being one of the four cities that contain the UEFA Five Star stadiums in Europe.
The most important teams are Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid with the largest number of followers.

Others include Vallecano and Getafe. These teams play in La Liga.
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After football, basketball is one of the things that Spain can be proud of. The most prominent team here is the Real Madrid Basketball Section. They are winners of a large number of awards and championships. Another professional club is the Estudiantes.


The mountains near the Sierra de Guadarrama serve as a place for skiing. In Madrid, there are comfortable complexes dedicated to the sport of skiing.

Two of Madrid’s famous ski resorts are located there. They are Valdesqui and Navacerrada respectively.


Cycling is one of the sports that is still lived in Spain. The city of Madrid has many cycling and cycling routes everywhere, and new ones are being made. This art is also a competition, and many tournaments are held for this purpose.


Bullfighting is not just a sport. In Spain, there is an annual race in which many people from all over Spain and the world enter. They run in front of many bulls. The goal is to touch them and move on. This exciting sport has gained more followers through the years.

In ancient Spain, it was a popular game in which a bull was left in an arena, and a person faced it with a red cloth. We can still see that in many cartoons and movies; however, in Spain we can relive it again in person.

Spain has a bullfighting arena called Las Ventas. It was built in 1929. It is considered one of the world center bullrings and can hold more than 25,000 people. This bullring also offers concerts and similar events when it is not the bullfighting season.

This arena is in the style of a Neo Mudéjar. It is a special type of architecture found in Spain. It can be described as a Moorish revival architecture.

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Bullfights are however during the San Isidro festivals, you can enjoy them every day! This festival begins in the middle of May and continues until the first days of June. The fun and liveliness of this country never really comes to an end.


Spain have a series of victories to brighten their name in many games. Some of the historical highlights are:
• Your tennis team has had an impressive 5-time win! The championships were from the years 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2011.
• The 2006 World Basketball Championship was won by the Spanish Basketball Team.
• The 2009 and 2011 EuroBasket trophy was also taken from the Spanish.
• Fernando Alonso had a consecutive winning streak for the years 2005 and 2006 in Formula One.

There has been a saying that Spain is currently enjoying a golden age of sports and we can see why.


As a tourist, you have to be in one of those stadiums to see a game, right? What’s the fun of watching it on your TV?

Well, that can be fun too; however, we can all agree that the most fun comes from being there in person. As for stadiums, Spain is full of them! It has a large number of old and newly built stadiums and other venues for specific sports, which of course includes the Arenas.

The capital of Spain, the one and only Madrid is home to many teams and sports. Let’s start with the football stadiums:

The most popular first name you’ll find when searching for stadiums is Santiago Bernabéu. It is the largest stadium in Madrid. It is an elite stadium dedicated to FIFA. It can accommodate 81,044 people at a time. It serves as the home of Real Madrid. It has also been the host of many of the international football matches.

The biggest stadium in Spain, however, is the Camp Nou. It is located in the city of Barcelona. The leading team of Barcelona is also called Barcelona. The second largest stadium in Madrid is Wanda Metropolitano, home of Atlético de Madrid.


If you are looking for upcoming Spain events, here is a list for you:
1. There will be a horse racing competition this summer. It will start from July 5th to September 6th. The race will take place at the Hipódromo de La Zarzuela.

2. Real Madrid will participate in the International Champions Cup in which many other great teams will also join. The team is expected for August 11 at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.


So now you know all the fun things you could be enjoying in the lovely romantic country. If you are a sports lover, you will love it here. The Spanish really have fun in all the games and festivities to the fullest.

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