Private Bike Tour

The Private Bike Tour is a guided bike tour adapted to whatever you want: architectural route, baroque, neoclassical, modernism, postmodernism, urban historicism, etc.

discover the magic of madrid by bike

Private Bike Tour

A Private Bike Tour to suit the season… How do our parks flourish? – Refreshing route for hot days – Get to know the facades of our museums – Architectural route: Baroque, neoclassical, modernism, postmodernism, urban historicism, etc. – Where do the fall colors look best? – Curiosities, graffiti, taverns, statues… for any reason you can take a tour. If those who accompany us are also friends and family, we can go at the pace we want.

On this private tour, you decide what you want to know about Madrid and, of course, with whom to know it: friends, family or colleagues, among many others.

You decide 100% the type of private tour you want and we organize everything!

As ideas, here are a few: the terrace route, the Madrid bike lane route, the route I pass through here that suits me or the route we are going to have fun in Madrid while I meet my colleagues and colleagues are some of our favorites.

“For tastes are made the colors”

That is what we do at Madrid Bike Tours, paint the bike ride the color you want, or the color you suggest, and we do the rest: passion for Madrid.

We have experience in group getaways, company teams, sports teams, and above all in showing our city with all the passion with which we live it.

  • Minimum 1 person | Maximum 14 people per group (as many groups will be made as necessary).
  • Duration: It’s up to you
  • Hours: Everyday, you choose
  • Price: from 200 €

What is included?

Not included



Please keep it in mind that the itinerary can sometimes change due to social activities or events held in the city such as races, festivals, marathons, etc…

Itinerary - You choose!

  • Museums
  • Neighborhoods
  • Parks/Gardens
  • Gastronomy


Private Bike Tour
200 from
  • 1 – 4 people: 200€
  • 5 people: 250€
  • 6 people: 290€
  • 7 people: 325€
  • 8 people: 355€
  • 9 people: 375€
  • 10 people: 390€
  • If more than 10 send us a message
Contact information

C/ Santiago 18, 28013 Madrid

open at

9:00 AM

close at

Summer 8:00 PM
Winter 6:00 PM


+34 910 750 163


+34 673 430 379


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