August is a wonderful month, enjoy this summer at the La Paloma party in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

For people who cannot tolerate the stress and pressure of life throughout the year; Enjoy this summer at the La Paloma party in Madrid.

It is a wonderful season that marks the celebration of the Virgen de la Paloma, an annual celebration that involves many activities.

It usually takes place between August 11 and 15, after the festivities of San Cayetano and San Lorenzo that take place in Madrid as well. Therefore, La Paloma festivity lands on fertile ground, where the festive mood is already heightened and people just embrace this, especially on August 15th as a climax of all the celebrations.

It is a vibrant moment and a festival of tourist interest; considering the nature of the accompanying activities, tourists find great pleasure in it.

About this holiday

Its origin dates back to the 18th century when children playing landed on an image of a virgin in the corral and while they were playing with it, Isabel Tintero, who lived on Paloma street, saw them and took them away. He went and hung it on the front door and people began to worship it and pray for protection and healing. It became a popular phenomenon and later a chapel was built and the image moved there. This chapel was even named after the virgin and the faith of the people increased in the power of this. Therefore, this holiday is dedicated primarily to the Virgin in recognition of everything that is done in people’s lives.
People from all over Madrid and even tourists like this time of year. They enjoy themselves a lot and have found it a good time to let off steam through joyous fulfillment. Enjoy this summer through the La Paloma party.


Activities to commemorate the festival of Paloma

A series of activities accompany this celebration and make the day enjoyable for everyone.
The place is usually the Plaza de las Vistillas, in the central Madrid neighborhood known as La Latina. The holiday is even declared a holiday and although it is the main venue for the celebrations, even other surrounding cities celebrate it. This distinguishes Madrid from other places worldwide; love and preservation of their traditions and popular festivities.

The celebrations involve a number of activities that are entertaining and aim to make the day quite enjoyable. Enjoy this summer at the La Paloma party.

The following are the special activities of the day:

  • There are general preparations that make the place a hive of activities before the occasion that seem to herald the imminent big day. Everyone seems happy and excited to welcome the day. It becomes the talk of the day, the population in these places increases and the effort of the locals really seems to be oriented to the occasion. The business community can’t hide their excitement as they prepare to receive a boost in sales because everyone wants to have fun, so they have a budget for the day.
  • Visitors come prepared to part with a good deal of money because they come on purpose to throw parties, so they spend as much as they can to make them happy. Join us and enjoy this summer at the La Paloma party.
  • Then there is the adornment of the streets with different colored lamps to make the atmosphere bright and amazing to make the season more special than the rest. The outward appearance of the streets at night confirms that there really is an extraordinary event taking place and adds to the excitement among all who are ready for the celebrations; indigenous people and visitors alike.
  • There are parades throughout the city led by firefighters who carry the painted image of the Virgin on their shoulders and combine it with the designated destination where there is normally a platform.
  • Then, she rests there where people adore and adore her and crown her with floral carnations, to show how much respect they have for her.
  • The painting is full of praise, compliments and daydreams. This is followed by a Christian mass presided over by their respective religious leaders.
  • People faithfully feel filled with blessings and spiritual power to guide them through the storms of life resting their minds in peace.
  • From that religious point of view, partying and entertainment carry the day forward in the same joyful spirit.
  • Everyone finds their way by watching and experiencing street parties, dances and general happiness.
    Madrileños dress in their traditional outfits known as Chulupos and Chulupas. These also make them feel as attached to their customs as they celebrate.
  • They are going to dance Chotis, which is their traditional dance.
  • Culturally, people who are proud of their traditions cannot stop dancing to their traditional songs and music during any traditional festival to express their attachment and love for their roots.
  • Also, there are fireworks shows at night which are part of the entertaining activities and most people enjoy sitting and watching all this. They are quite fun and should not be missed.
  • There is more and more fun for the partygoers and anyone who attends is looking forward to the season of the following year, which implies that people revel in it to a great extent.
  • The festive celebrations are not limited to one area but spread to the other parts of the city; tourists, therefore, are free to go where they find pleasure, while others hop here and there until finally settling where they get the best of it. However, things are generally good everywhere; to the extent that choosing where to settle is sometimes a problem.
  • There are open-air nightclubs in the Plaza de la Paja and all kinds of drinks are served there.
  • Musical performances by orchestras and pop groups are also organized to keep visitors and locals entertained, contributing to the enjoyment of the whole ensemble.
  • Children are not left out in these programs.
  • They participate in different contests of entertainment activities ranging from dancing, singing and games.
  • These are also a lot of fun and worth attending.
  • There are always different options for families to have fun.
  • This implies that there is no reason to leave children behind for fear that there is nothing relevant to them. There is a lot for children and adults to enjoy and therefore it is not a limitation for tourists who want to relocate as a family considering this place of festivities as a destination.
  • Important is also the availability of cuisine from around the world.
  • The world has become a global village, and wherever you go, it’s simply a home away from home. Madrid is no exception to this statement because, like anywhere else, there are people from diverse global cultures. Hotels and other catering corners can prepare different dishes keeping in mind that Madrid is a fertile ground for tourism and therefore hotel and restaurant business owners strategically set out to reap a lot by satisfying the different food needs of tourists.
  • In general, an aroma of sweet food is produced in the atmosphere from savory and savory meat dishes, desserts and refreshing mositos.
  • Most of the festival goers further enjoy the outdoor organization that keeps them cool while enjoying the fun of different entertainment arrangements.

The importance of the festival of La Paloma

From that point one wonders if there is any meaning in this festival of the Virgen de la Paloma; and the answer is a big yes.

It is very important in the following ways:

  • It is a sign of respect and love on the part of the people of Madrid for their traditions and pleasant as hosts and organizers of the festivity. They do their best to make it colorful for themselves and other attendees who come from outside of Madrid and Spain in general. The extra effort they put into decorating, lighting and beautifying the atmosphere on the streets says it all. The way they are dressed in their traditional attire, their performance of traditional dances, and many other traditional arrangements represent a deep sense of respect for their own culture.
  • The festival of La Paloma also shows a strong sense of religious belief. These people strongly believe in the spiritual powers of the Virgin regarding healing and protection.
  • They feel that they owe their well-being to him and that is why they adore the image, as they utter compliments and appreciate his goodness in their lives.
  • By holding a church mass among other activities and giving praise and worship, it all confirms that they are strong religious believers.
  • Unity is also represented in this jubilation. Everyone selflessly participates in the prior arrangements as well as the actual occasion to ensure its success. That shows a solid foundation on which the people of Madrid stand because united empires always stand firm.
  • It is a celebration of life, love and family.
  • Families always plan ahead to have a good time together. They enjoy fun, entertainment and food together and feel a stronger bond with each other. This applies to both hosts and visitors. Join up! Enjoy this summer at the La Paloma party.
  • Through this festivity, the community spirit is clearly defined among the people of Madrid.
  • They simply love their community and work together towards a common goal for its good. This shows the peace and harmony that exists in this part of the world and that is why it is an ideal summer destination for tourists because in addition to relaxing and enjoying life, they are assured of a safe environment.
  • It’s a bonding moment and a good icon of brotherhood. Locals rub shoulders with tourists and visitors without fear, making Madrid an exceptional place to vacation or just relax. If foreigners delight in going there annually, it means that they find a meaningful stay there during that summer, and they always feel at home while there.
  • This occasion shows that it is desirable to have free time without compromising work.
  • It’s just a short vacation away from work but it carries a lot of weight and meaning. Soon after, people return to their working lives, thus a clear manifestation of life in a balanced way, instead of working, working, working today and forever.
  • From these retirements, it is confirmed that people need entertainment in their lives. The attendees of the La Paloma festival, comprising hosts and visitors alike, are seriously engrossed in the ongoing forms of entertainment, both day and night. Most of them don’t sleep an eye, even because they enjoy whatever is happening.
  • That is why many visitors and tourists focus on this time of the year because they enjoy every minute of the festivity. Therefore, one lesson is that every human being should take time off work and enjoy some entertainment during the year. It is ideal even in the aspect of good health.
  • Finally, this holiday has given people something good to look forward to each year. It’s important to look forward to something good so that even when you’re down, you know something good is coming at a certain time of the year.

To sum up, the festivity of the Virgen de La Paloma has remained on record in Spain and outside of those who really know. This is due to the nature in which it takes place, which leaves everyone happy and extremely excited. For everyone in attendance, it remains as fresh a memory as ever and keeps them looking forward to August of the following year, when they will be swimming in big moments.

It would be good for those who do not know it yet, but who are looking to get the best of this August summer, to venture to enjoy it in Madrid, specifically ensuring that the days of August 11th and 16th are there. It would be a way to enrich your records of memorable moments that you have experienced in life. Enjoy this summer at the La Paloma party. See you there!