Most tourists around the world and in Madrid do the same, strolling through the most famous tourist attractions or getting on the tourist buses, but have you ever thought of visiting the most charming places in a city by bike? While it saves you time and allows you to visit more places, cycling has many benefits for both you and the earth. Here are 5 reasons why cycling is the best way to get to know Madrid.

1. Health benefits

Health experts recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each day. This is enough to maintain good health, even if the exercise is divided into 10-minute bursts.

Cycling is an aerobic activity, which means that the heart, lungs, and blood vessels are exercised. Over time, cycling will lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure. In addition, and according to a study carried out by the YMCA in 2017, physical activities such as riding a bicycle help to improve mental health and people with physically active lifestyles have a 32% higher mental well-being than inactive people.

Cycling builds stamina, muscle strength, and overall physical endurance, so for many new cyclists it’s an unexpected benefit to have more energy for day-to-day things. Climbing the stairs at work will no longer be a challenge with the extra strength and fitness you’ll build with cycling.

 2. Variety of gardens and parks in Madrid

According to FTNNEWS, Madrid is the second greenest city in the world by percentage of green spaces, reaching 44.85% of green spaces and offering 85.79 square meters of green space per person. From the Retiro Park to the Casa de Campo, the main tourist attractions in Madrid are surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens that offer the best and healthiest conditions for cycling. Man, who wouldn’t want to discover Madrid by bike, breathing fresh air and being surrounded by green spaces?

3. Environmental benefits

Millions of cars are produced every year in Madrid and around the world, and all this industrial activity leads to the emission of greenhouse gases into the air. Then comes the fuel for cars that burns relentlessly in the atmosphere. On the other hand, cycling does not use fuel, nor does it require highly mechanized plants that emit green gases that destroy the environment.

Possibly the most important benefit, cycling helps us save the environment by avoiding the use of any method of transportation that releases toxic gases into the air. Riding a bike is a great way to increase awareness and social responsibility.

However, the sustainability of the human and animal population is increasingly threatened by global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer, after the industrial sector, transport is the second sector that contributes to affect the ozone layer and for this reason, tourists must be as committed and aware as locals in protecting the environment for a better and safer ecology.

4. Economic benefits

Using public transport in Madrid for tourism may seem like a good option, but changing the metro routes from time to time to reach the main tourist attractions will not be an economically convenient option, using a bicycle offers much more freedom to ride around the city. center of Madrid, and saves you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Another reason to use the bicycle instead of other means of transport is that the main tourist attractions in Madrid are within a radius of 4 kilometres. Therefore, and while using other methods of transport can be overwhelming, using a bicycle makes your trip easier and gives you the flexibility you want to discover your favorite corners of Madrid.

5. Flexibility and adaptability for all ages with electric bicycles

Depending on the physical condition of the person, the type of terrain or the distance, the electric bicycle can be more comfortable, since it allows the cyclist to travel more distance or climb hills when a more moderate physical exercise is required. However, the e-bike isn’t the one that does the driving for you, rather you give yourself a slight boost when starting or climbing a hill in a smooth and fluid motion.

In fact, electric bikes offer convenience and comfort for tourists of all ages, they are suitable for people who want to do physical activity while discovering Madrid, as well as for older people or those who are not in adequate physical condition to handle hours of tours.

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Grab your bike and get ready to discover one of the most visited capitals in the world!