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It is an unpretentious bike, well, only one: to be solid and robust for driving around the city

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Urban bike Madrid rentals

Alquiler de bicicletas Madrid
Urban Bike Rentals

It is an unpretentious bike, well, only one: to be solid and robust for driving around the city

Alquiler Bicicleta Madrid

Adult Bike Rentals Madrid

Adult touring bike.
It is an unpretentious bike, well, only one: to be solid and robust for driving around the city. Our bikes are tried and tested.

Our urban or city bike is a bike designed for people who take frequent bike rides. Therefore it is very useful for short and moderate rides through flat urban areas.

It has the advantage of city bikes in which the position remains upright. It also has different marches since our city is not exactly known for being flat.

Our fleet is a benchmark in the world of cycling in the capital of Madrid. Therefore you can choose between: a touring bike with a lightweight aluminum frame, or a folding bike with a 7-speed belt drive.

Enjoy a comfortable walk through any area of ​​the city without worrying about the slopes or fatigue. In addition, pedaling assistance will help you forget about the effort on the bike and will allow you to give yourself over to enjoying an increasingly sustainable city in urban mobility: Madrid.

Here you have the map of the cycling routes of Madrid up to date and you will see how our bike lane continues to expand throughout the community.

Sign up for a ride we provide you with the means.

– We have the bikes ready for you (loaded, clean and balanced)

-We maintain and store them so that they are always available.

-We provide you with what you need: helmet, map or raincoat if you need it.

-Rent depending on the type of bicycle and contract.

-You can choose a normal urban bike or a folding one.


First time in Madrid?

Avoid getting lost! We remind you that going around the bike you will have fun and you will be able to see the most important places like a beautiful book without text… still without writing. If you are visiting Madrid for the first time, we recommend that you join one of our bike tours to get a panoramic idea of ​​the city and then be able to move around the city with much more autonomy.

Now all we need is the willingness and pedaling!

Included in all rentals:

Helmet and reflective vest
Recommendations and previous training


Baby carriers
Delivery service
Groups and agencies discounts
Groups pick up and return

The Bike:
We have it available in two sizes: 26″ and 28″.
Low frame bike, lightweight aluminum frame
Gear shift on the grip (7 sprockets and 3 chainrings)
The folding bike has 7 gears and a belt drive instead of a chain.
Reinforced and comfortable saddle for urban circulation
Nice and comfortable driving. Its comfortable handling of speeds will enchant you when it comes to strolling through the Retiro, Madrid Río or Casa de Campo parks and it will also meet your expectations if you need to ride on the road.

Technical characteristics:
Steel frame and mixed city geometry: lowered frame for easy mounting and dismounting. Geometry of the specific frame for urban practice. Mixed frame, height adjustable saddle and handlebars.
Its front and rear brake with aluminum calliper make braking effective and very safe.
The saddle is robust and padded to withstand the urban structure.
Speeds: Its 6 sprockets and 3 chainrings are very practical for facing slopes and starting at a stop at one of the many traffic lights on cycle paths.

Conditions of service:
To rent bicycles, the client must leave a deposit (€100) and show their ID or some identification.
The client is responsible for the care of the rented material.
Minors may rent bicycles only if accompanied by an adult.
If you want the delivery service, you must write down the delivery and collection address in the “your message” section on the reservation form.
It is a type of utility bike commonly seen in all cities, but built to facilitate daily riding in Madrid. It is used with normal clothing and in the rain it responds well.

Their maintenance is important to us, we take care of them the same as our customers. For this reason, at the end of each ride, we trust that the client is satisfied and that our bicycles are safe to satisfy more routes. Lights, brakes, gearboxes and other components in order… and if one is not to your liking, we trust that you will notify us so that we can adapt it.

In conclusion, this bike does not pretend to be the best, but the most suitable, and in fact it is. You just have to come check it out!

What do our clients say?

The experience of our clients is our guarantee.

"I've been living in Madrid for almost 4 years now and this tour was a breath of fresh air for me. It showed me corners of Madrid that I didn't know existed, hidden routes and gardens through which I passed very close during these years but never got to know A great tour, fun, pleasant and where you also do a little sport, which never goes wrong."
Mario Arias
"One of the best experiences I've had in Madrid, the Madrid bike tour has been beautiful, they teach us perfectly about Madrid and its most beautiful places. The guides have been super professional and have been attentive to us at all times. I would repeat Without hesitation. May you find yourself comfortable."
Ivana Hernández Erustes
out of 5
"I took one of their electric bikes to give me a ride around Madrid. The bike was great, when it took 1 pedal it launched with hardly any effort, ideal for the slopes in Madrid. Their prices are very reasonable, they have special rates for groups and they also organize guided tours. I recommend it both as a couple with children and with friends."
Jose Manuel Aguado
"We arrived thinking of another bike ride through a European city and no! It's much more than that, it's Gloria, the guide took us on an incredible tour and always with a smile explaining what we saw, 10 points!!!"
Carlos Camjally
Contact information

C/ Santiago 18, 28013 Madrid

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9:00 AM

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Summer 6:00 PM
Winter 8:00 PM


+34 910 750 163


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