Bike advertising

We have not invented the wheel, but we know how to offer you bicycle advertising.

Bike Advertising

A paradigm shift in advertising.

Advertising has undergone a more than remarkable evolution in recent years. Not only the structure of the message has been altered, but the medium, the support, has also changed and has diversified to take many different forms.

New strategies

Dare with them!

Therefore, a change in the strategies of the companies is imposed, which must assess and plan their advertising actions accordingly.

Traditional media, such as the press or billboards, are joined by others such as those derived from the Internet and new technologies.

Where the client is

But there is more: this evolution has gone hand in hand with another way of understanding advertising itself: it is no longer enough to wait for the client to come to us, but we are the ones who must go looking for them. And this is where we can be of use to you.

Strategic plan


Active advertising

Ecological value of the brand

Information of interest

Advantages over conventional advertising

Not only do we offer you our bicycles so that you can go out on the streets to look for your clientele, let yourself be seen and carry out all kinds of advertising actions (visibility of your company, distribution of brochures, merchandising …) but we are at your disposal to help you to plan your advertising strategy from the roots.


First of all, for visibility. By the time you attach a billboard to one of our bikes and take it out into town, the ad reaches far more people than if you left the billboard on a canopy or billboard.


From the outset, not only do you go out looking for potential clients by passing by without them having to come looking for you, but the dimensions of the posters and their typography acquire more relevance at street level: your message is introduced, directly, through the eyes of the public.


And it is that other elements can be added to the bicycles, such as parasols or banners, which make them very striking and attract the curious glances of passers-by. What more could a company that wants to become visible and attract customers want?

Ecological value for your brand

In addition, the use of ecological transport such as the bicycle gives the company that is advertised an added value in the perception of the recipients, such as respect for the environment and all the added values ​​that this entails.


The bicycle allows a better movement in fairs and congresses with a wide range of stands, among which you can move while you advertise your product.

Event organization

We advise you and we rent our bicycles for all those company events that require transportation, dissemination of information, visibility…

Corporate acts

Trust us to close and boost business activities facing the outside or directed to the workforce. Sometimes our product success starts with a good internal environment.

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