Bike teambuilding events

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Bike teambuilding events

We hold teambuilding events to encourage team development. Bicycles are used in large spaces where activities can be carried out that serve to strengthen labor relations and improve results.

We have developed different kinds of events: we have traveled to other cities, we have developed activities in nature and we have even done Gimkanas! It all depends on the group and the purpose.

What used to be called retreats to promote coexistence and coexistence, in the 21st century is called team development.


Knowing the common goal that drives a team is a joint effort

Decision making

Faced with discrepancies, decision-making to achieve the objective becomes evident

To share

Through the activities a sense of team is developed that is transferred to the work environment

Use of ideas

The team will be able to take the effective ideas of each one of the members and generate a common idea.

Bike teambuilding events

Activities to promote rapport in teams. A common challenge helps build a team and each person adopts a necessary role.

Orientation experiences help teams integrate – We have experts in this type of activity to solve processes in companies that can boost the value of each employee.

Through mobility different experiences are created than the common ones in the day to day in a company. Complicity increases and the values ​​of each one are revealed.

We collaborate with El Trampolín, experts in public speaking training and team coaching for this type of activity.

  • Price according to the number of bicycles.
  • We deliver and collect bicycles in the community of Madrid and also in the rest of Spain
  • Minimum rental period 1 day
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