You have probably read a lot about Madrid. You may have been there a few times a few years ago. But, do you really think you have lived Madrid? Have you cycled through El Retiro? Are you thinking of going to the Madrid Book Fair 2018? Here are some new things you probably don’t know about.

According to the latest “online” reports, Spain has thousands of projects underway in almost all cities. These projects are of the development type. The rehabilitation and improvements of public spaces have many projects underway. Bike improvement projects throughout the city for scooters and bikes. We also offer Segway tours throughout the city. For their part, cultural and educational centers have research and urban improvement projects under way.

With many more topics related to the environment, infrastructure, historical heritage, health, social projects and energy efficiency, among others. This describes the progress that is being made even though the efforts are not happening in the spotlight.

Improvement projects around the city mean it’s going to get some touch ups. Madrid is a major city in Spain, and some would even say the heart of it. Therefore, many projects are being carried out in Madrid. This means that this spring is going to be more fun in Madrid than anywhere else.

It is often mentioned in many places that visiting Madrid is a good idea. But what is better? Visit to Madrid in spring. Not to avoid the cold or extreme temperatures, but to make you feel the aesthetically magnificent side of Madrid that blooms during the blooming season.

Go to the parks!

El Retiro, the most beautiful park in Madrid, is even open for bicycles and scooters. Madrid also offers Segway tours to the verdant beauty known as El Retiro. It is a perfect place to spend your vacations with your family, wide play areas provide the best time for your children, and you can walk through the aesthetically built tracks and enjoy the serenity bike in El Retiro.

The vegetation and the botanical garden close to El Retiro make it one of the main attractions of Madrid. Flowers and plants of types and species not seen in normal parks and gardens. Riding a bike in El Retiro reminds you of yourself. So, hop on your bikes and scooters, or take a Segway to El Retiro, Madrid’s Royal Botanical Garden. Parque De El Capricho is another option, although it is a little further away and smaller.

Madrid Book Fair 2018:

(from May 25 to June 10)

No matter how many times you have been to Madrid, strolling down Calle de Las Huertas in spring is a “must do”. Not to mention the 2018 Book Fair that will be held in Madrid from May 20 to June 10. The booths of the fair are located in the Paseo de Carruajes within the El-Retiro Park. No matter how many reasons you have for not starting at once and coming to Madrid, now you have a good excuse not to miss the 2018 Book Fair in Madrid.

Held for the first time in 1933, the book fair has exponentially improved the image of the city in the eyes of tourists and locals.

The Madrid Book Fair 2018 is open to everyone! Book your ticket to Madrid and get on a plane to Madrid. Take the bus if necessary or walk there. Because Madrid is about to become the place of your dreams. Host of great authors from all over the world sitting down to have a meeting with their readers. Getting the chance to do something you’ve wanted to do your whole life. Take the Segway or go by bike through the El-Retiro park. Take your family on a trip. Get out your bikes and scooters and enjoy the spring atmosphere of Madrid. There are water parks, book fairs, art shows, fashion shows, and countless other events you’ll be sorry to miss. So, don’t regret this later. Get up and go.

Enjoy the streets in spring!

May and April are two months of the year in Madrid that highlight the environment. The people flourish, and so do the festivities. Madrid is not one of those cities where you spend time in the hotel. This is a city that always leaves tourists regretting not having more time. In short, if you are in Madrid and you take out your bikes and scooters, you will be anything but bored. No matter what kind of fun you prefer, you’ll have it.

Do you know the glorious sensation of walking through the Plaza de Santa Ana? Take pictures with your loved ones on Calle de El León? And the feeling of being in the culturally and historically rich Calle de La Pasa? Well, now is the time to do it. The Plaza del Humilladero will open a new side in spring. So are Segovia, Toledo and Alcalá streets. All of them are famous places of tourist attraction. All this now decorated with streets and lanes and parking spaces for your bicycles. Madrid is changing its conception of traffic by spreading awareness of its cycling programs throughout the city.

Last conclusions!

Madrid in spring is nothing less than the perfect place for a vacation. Whether with family or friends or even traveling alone. Discovering oneself is just one of the things that can be done perfectly in Madrid.

All this and more awaits you in Madrid, including rock concerts and other types of musical encounters and art shows. If you feel like delving into the depths of the city, give the museums a try. Or just let yourself go and take a Segway tour. Or take a bike ride through the fantastic streets and promenades. Because you know there is no other place like this in the whole wide world.