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Advertising media

Dare with adapted advertising stands on wheels or with a bicycle-ad depending on the space available or simply on the idea

– The advertising media for bicycles are varied depending on the visibility and the campaign strategy that you want to follow.

– The advertising posters can be carried or mounted on the frame, in addition there are other visual means to dress the bicycle and that it reaches the chosen destination.

– Bicycles can carry corporate identity products (merchandising) in the basket or in serones or side bags.

Hostesses for advertising actions are another visual element for a brand image campaign. The uniforms can also be sublimated and with the appropriate accessories. Ask us or suggest us.

Advertising posters

The advertising posters are carried by the bicycle on a support with wheels, the advertising on the poster is 0.66m x 1.22m in size

Full Branding

Bicycle fully adapted to the brand briefing, colors, logo/s, slogan, etc. In addition to the sublimation of the equipment.

Advertising umbrella

Canvas and supports as a fairing fixed between the base of the handlebar and the rear part

Advertising pannier

The bicycles can go with sublimated object-holder bags with the message and logo of your company

T-shirts and caps

Everything you can think of in a t-shirt or a cool polo shirt: your brand, your idea, your action. Tennis tournament or morning on the golf course style caps. Your cap, your brand, your "xxx" on your head.


Whether it rains or not, raincoats cover you whole and protect you.

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