Although independent travel can have its own advantages, guided tours are really worth it and here’s why.

When I went to Dubai with my family for the first time a month ago, there was a lot to see and we realized that it will not be easy to see everything, especially since the major tourist attractions are located separately in the city. Unexpectedly, we were offered a 2-day tour in the hotel lobby, we decided to give it a try and rely on the knowledge of experienced guides, and the results were quite satisfactory. We visited Dubai and Abudhabi and learned many facts and curiosities related to the country’s culture.

I would like to share with you the advantages of guided tours that I came up with after this travel experience, and that is why they are worth…

A guided tour will save you time

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If your time is limited and you have a lot of ground to cover, a guided tour is your best option. Tour guides with their experiences have a great ability to manage time and cover as many tourist attractions as possible in the shortest possible time.

You will learn a lot

Let’s face it, visiting famous tourist attractions independently will not be as informative and rewarding, even with the help of the Internet. The tour guides know what might be interesting for you, they will immerse you in the culture and talk about everything.

You will make friends

Many friendships are made on carpools with people you don’t know, guided tours are a great opportunity to meet new people and share with them your thoughts and impressions about the overall experience.

It’s less stressful

There is no doubt that independent travel requires a lot of planning and thought, unless you are a professional backpacker, it is not an easy task to discover a new place on your own. You may find yourself aimless and wasting a lot of time. On the other hand, a guided tour will save you a lot of stress and your only goal will be to make the most of your time.

Things to keep in mind…

  • Avoid tours that cover too many places, the more time you spend at an attraction the more meaningful and enjoyable it will be, no one wants to be rushed from one place to another all day long.
  • Avoid crowded excursions, as they are often messy and not enjoyable.