Madrid by bike

Do you face daily problems at work? Tired of being late? Do you feel that you are always explaining to your boss for having had problems with the car or traffic? Why do traffic lights always turn red at the most inopportune moment? Do you have bad luck because the traffic plays you when you have to get to a site in a short time?
You know there is a solution for that and you have been able to see it on the side of the tracks: all those people who cycle to work every day. Yes, cycling to work in Madrid is the best option you can choose. You can choose to get in his car and settle in the seat for 45 minutes or bike to work in just 10 minutes. Going to work by bike, going to the market by bike, in short, going by bike in Madrid may be the next sensible thing to do.

Advantages of cycling to work daily:

Whether it’s a normal day or a holiday, the bicycle is the best option to circulate in a city like Madrid. Riding a bicycle not only makes it easier to move through the crowd, but in addition to being healthy, it is also economical.

Pedaling is healthy:

Cycling can be beneficial if you focus on putting the muscles in your body to work. An average cyclist is more likely to be resistant to many physical diseases. Constantly sitting in the car or on the bus seat watching traffic can be frustrating and can affect your physical health in a long or permanent way.
Cycling to work can help strengthen your back and help you sit more upright. Your legs go to work every morning. Therefore, the chances of muscle pain appearing later on are reduced. No one can deny that cycling to work early in the morning helps you to be more active and productive throughout the day.

Are you worried that the bicycle is not a safe means?

If you take into account the traffic in cities, driving can be a very daring factor, the use of bicycles can scare a large majority. But precisely because of all this, Madrid is a city that offers bicycle lanes. We also offer “Exclusive lanes” so that they get used to the world of cycling. In this lane you will be safe because it is only for bikes. If before riding a bicycle you prepare yourself with adequate safety clothing, such as helmets, gloves and appropriate footwear. You can even consider wearing some reflective clothing for more safety.

The bicycles are ecological:

Are you one of those people who are unconcerned about the balance of the city and its inhabitants while sitting comfortably inside the vehicle? Are you not aware of what this can mean in air pollution? Nobody wants to go down in history like those who helped ruin the air of the city. Cycling to work may be the logical response to a problem as pressing as this. How many times have we woken up in the city and dreamed of a morning in the suburbs? and when you came out you were met with the overwhelming honking of horns and the trucks making their way… Think about the future.

Avoid air and noise pollution, let’s make the city a cleaner city. Help protect the city instead of harming it. The facts indicate that if 15% of the population switched to cycling, it would correspond to avoiding the emissions of a city of 100,000 inhabitants. The bicycle also helps reduce the rate of absenteeism due to illness in Madrid by almost 20%. Grab your bikes and start taking care of yourselves and the city!

Riding a bike without problems:

In case you are worried that your bicycle could be stolen if it is not watched, folding bicycles can be the solution. They are in the market to provide ease and convenience to their users. Their owners can fold them up and take them to their office, even take the elevator if there are not many people. If we all started using folding bikes, it would be a good way for us not to have parking problems in the city. I hope you don’t see yourself in the situation of leaving work and finding your locks on an empty post and without the bicycle. Getting ahead of the facts can help a lot. Get a folding bike and tour Madrid without problems.

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Cycling is cheap:

You save fuel, you save on maintenance, you save on everything. Otherwise outside of driving it could be frustrating. Because bicycles are the means of transport of the future to improve the social ecosystem. Madrid is a city that gets up early, and takes to the streets and alleys. The volume of traffic is increasing as the metro fills up with people. Buses may be late or too crowded for a comfortable ride.

You may miss the subway in the morning… but would you be late if you had a bike? Of course not! Getting up first thing in the morning and having everything ready is exhausting, but especially if it ends up being in vain because you end up missing the subway for whatever reason. How can we forget those crowds in the streets every day or on a holiday! Experts think of how beneficial it would be to go to work every day by bike. Imagine the money that can be saved if we use it for other purposes instead of fuel, tires, engines and other huge maintenance costs.
Spain as a whole would receive an economic injection of 500 million euros if only 20% of the population adapted to cycling. Imagine the cost savings throughout the year in health, maintenance, repairs and all kinds of expenses.


Touring Madrid by bike is an innovative way of thinking. If you have been told that riding a bicycle in Madrid can be dangerous, it will be because you have not been familiar with the cycling routes or have not found the areas for bicycles. Much can be done to bridge this gap. Let’s always try to minimize the risks of injury and familiarize ourselves with the environment. The best thing about riding a bicycle is that you are not limited to just the bike lane, situations may arise in which you want to alternate and walk through a pedestrian area and then later ride again and join the bike lane again. Having a bicycle can mean a lot of savings without having to risk much. Why don’t we start thinking efficiently and get on the bike? The planet will thank you.