Madrid is characterized by offering its citizens large urban green spaces. In fact, this city is covered by 44.85 percent green land in total, giving each person living in Madrid 86 square meters of green space. In this article, we will discover some of these spaces and we will know why they are not only good places for jogging or walking, but also make the best cycling routes.

Casa de Campo

Madrid Rio / Casa de campo Bike Tour

Now many of you are going to ask me why I didn’t start with the most famous park, well, simply because Casa de Campo is underrated among tourists, so I’d like to give it some emphasis.

Casa de Campo is not only the largest green park in Madrid, but also the second largest park in Europe, with an area of ​​17.5 square kilometres. This space was originally a royal hunting ground. The park contains several attractions including the Madrid Amusement Park, the Madrid Arena, and the Madrid Zoo.

Casa de campo has a wide range of cycling routes and therefore attracts many cyclists especially on days off. The lake near the park entrance will be your ultimate place to take a break and unwind.

Madrid Rio

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Madrid Río is a huge recreational and cultural space located next to the Manzanares River. It was renovated over a period of 6 years to turn it into an impressive new river park. It is an ideal place for families to walk and play in the many playgrounds located next to the river.
This area has more than 30 bike lanes where you can discover many things while doing your favorite activity, such as Matadero, the old slaughterhouse in Madrid.

Parque del Retiro

Retiro Park Tour

The Parque del Retiro is not only a large urban park with more than 1.5 square km, but it is also a beautiful artistic garden that contains a lot of history and secrets. This former royal park is a favorite with almost everyone because of the relaxing vibes you get once you enter the park. It is a great place for many types of sport, and cycling is known to be one of the best ways to discover this park. Start by passing by the boating lake that overlooks the Alfonso XIII monument, and then continue to the Palacio de Cristal, a beautiful glass building that houses some art exhibitions. Biking in this park is suitable for all riding levels and ages.

Historical Center

Tour privado en bicicleta

Cycling through the historic center can be a very interesting way to see Madrid, most of the beauty of this city is within a radius of two kilometers. Start at Plaza Mayor, Madrid’s main square, and then head down Calle Mayor to discover Madrid’s oldest buildings at Plaza de la villa. Afterward, explore the impressive Almudena Cathedral and the Royal Palace, and stroll through the Sabatini Gardens. Then, head to the Temple of Debod, the most important Egyptian piece in Madrid.

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