Alquiler de bicicletas eléctricas en Madrid

Madrid Bike Rental

Madrid Bike Rentals

Alquiler de bicicletas MadridMadrid is a city that has a great leisure offer, as there are a lot of different activities that you can do and that will allow you to get to know some corners of the capital better. Cycling around the city is a great idea, as it brings you many benefits. For the next time you want to do a different and complete activity, it is a good idea to keep in mind renting bikes in Madrid.

Madrid by bike

Cycling in Madrid is an ecological activity that will help keep the city and the environment healthier. In addition, it helps you to practice some physical exercise to keep fit and, finally, it allows you to better connect with the city and get to know some locations in a different way. One of the perfect places to go cycling in Madrid is, without a doubt, the Retiro Park.

Tour El Retiro by bike

El Retiro is the largest and most beautiful park in Madrid, which is why hundreds of people enter it every day, whether they are tourists or residents of the city. The park has 118 hectares and more than 15,000 trees. The Crystal Palace, the Velázquez Palace, the Paseo de las Estatuas, the Fountain of the Fallen Angel and the Big Pond stand out.

Without a doubt, it is the perfect place to rent a bicycle and quietly explore the many paths and trails that exist. Riding your bike you can lose yourself and explore all the corners of the Retreat until you get tired. You can also hire a guided tour of the park, so that a specialized person can tell you about its history and its mysteries.

There are many options to rent bikes in Madrid, so if you liked the idea of ​​doing this fun and complete activity, you can get a bike to live the experience.

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